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Katar Hol started out posing as a human museum curator named Carter Hall despite the existence of an achaeologist also named Carter Hall, who was his predecessor as Hawkman. Eventually, Carter, Katar, and the Golden Age Hawkgirl were combined to form a singular Hawkman in order to simplify Hawkman continuity. It only derailed it though, and the combined Hawkman died. Later on, Kendra Saunders resurrected a version of Carter Hall in Katar Hol's body. "Carter" claimed to remember the histories of Katar, himself, and Golden Age Hawkgirl. However, a being named the Demiurge told "Carter" that he was in fact a resurrected Katar Hol and that his delusions of being Carter were the result of Carter's historically anomalous reincarnation cycle in combination with the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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